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ICFJ's research arm explores the challenges and opportunities facing the news media today. Our goal is to help find solutions that advance independent and trustworthy public-interest journalism.

Our research sparks thoughtful debate on critical issues facing the profession , and provides evidence-based insights for newsroom leaders, technology companies, journalism donors and all those committed to strengthening free and vibrant news media around the world.

At ICFJ, we have the unique ability to survey our vast global network of journalists and newsrooms in multiple languages and to identify emerging trends, challenges and threats that affect the future of our field, and inform responses to them. 

Our ‘Participatory Action Research’ model means we focus on collaborative approaches to understanding issues and knowledge sharing with the aim of strengthening journalism and supporting journalists. Meanwhile, our partnerships with leading centers of journalism research in the U.S. and the UK strengthen and deepen our thought leadership capabilities.

ICFJ's research arm is led by Julie Posetti, PhD, whose work focuses on  journalism viability/sustainability, innovation and digital transformation, media freedom and the safety of journalists, media and gender, social media and disinformation. Her work draws on an international career spanning three decades as a journalist, journalism educator and researcher.



Latest News

Here’s What ICFJ Is Doing in the Fight Against Online Violence

December 14, 2023

Online violence against female journalists is a horrific and deliberate effort to silence the voices of women. ICFJ is a leading global organization researching this crisis – and developing solutions to prevent it. 

How to Address Journalism’s Funding Crisis

May 16, 2022

A new UNESCO policy brief led by ICFJ calls for urgent action to address the news media viability crisis. The authors, including ICFJ’s Deputy Vice President of Global Research Dr. Julie Posetti and Columbia University’s Dr. Anya Schiffrin, review how news organizations, online platforms, governments and other stakeholders have responded to the funding challenges facing journalism, and offer recommendations to help independent media thrive.

The Chilling: New Recommendations Aimed at News Organizations and the Platforms in Response to Online Violence Against Women Journalists

May 3, 2022
New research from a UN study produced by ICFJ details how news organizations and big tech companies are failing to adequately mitigate and respond to online violence targeting women journalists – a global scourge with serious and far-reaching consequences. The researchers offer concrete recommendations to better safeguard women journalists, who face credible death threats, threats of sexual violence – including against their children – and large-scale coordinated online harassment designed to silence them and their reporting.

New Ways to Fight Online Violence

April 4, 2022

Over the past two years, ICFJ’s research has illuminated a horrendous – and growing – problem of online violence against women journalists. But we know that researching the problem is just the first step. We also need to help journalists deal with this abuse.

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