ICFJ Research Shapes the Conversation

Research from ICFJ and our partners is drawing much-needed attention to major issues facing the journalism field, from the escalating scourge of online violence against women journalists to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on newsrooms worldwide. 

It has sparked conversations with news publishers, editors, technology companies and intergovernmental organizations. In addition, major news outlets across the world have covered the research findings, raising awareness about these urgent issues. After reading the UNESCO-ICFJ research on online violence against women journalists, Toronto Star Public Editor Bruce Campion-Smith, for example, surveyed dozens of his colleagues. "What I heard was sobering and depressing," he wrote. "Editors need to understand the scope of the problem, be mindful of the stories likely to spark a backlash and support reporters when it happens." ICFJ staff regularly publish op-eds on the research findings as well.

Examples of coverage include:

If you are a journalist or editor interested in covering our research, please contact ICFJ Communications Director Erin Stock at estock@icfj.org. For partnership and other inquiries, please contact Julie Posetti at jposetti@icfj.org.