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Collaborative Journalism is Shaping Venezuela’s Media Scene

Amid protests, human rights violations, social instability and an unprecedented food crisis, collaborative journalism is getting stronger in Venezuela. The alliances of independent media with reporters and editors from other countries have helped unearth issues that otherwise would have been kept secret by the pro-government agenda.


Navigating Ethics in the Digital Age: A New Guide for Latin American Journalists

When drug traffickers set trucks on fire and blocked roads throughout Guadalajara, Mexico, radio journalist Priscila Hernández faced a dilemma. She saw an avalanche of information about the violent crisis on social media, and her station wanted to her send information immediately.


Cross-Border, Collaborative Investigations Tackle Hot-Button Issues in Latin America

A pioneering, ICFJ-supported investigation across three countries has revealed the violence and rampant discrimination compelling transgender women to flee their homes in Central America’s notorious Northern Triangle region.


ICFJ Investigative Networks Play Key Role in Panama Papers

Investigative journalism networks launched or nurtured by the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) have played a key role in the Panama Papers revelations, showing that journalists from Latin America to Africa to Eastern Europe can hold their own with the world’s best.

The success of Panama Papers has demonstrated the changing nature of investigative journalism. In the past, a single media organization with vast resources could manage a comprehensive global investigation on its own.


Panama Papers: Historic Leak Leads to Unprecedented Global Exposé

A massive leak of millions of financial records has exposed an array of crime and corruption spreading across the globe, according to a groundbreaking investigative report called The Panama Papers. The documents expose the hidden financial dealings of more than 128 politicians and public officials around the world, and the offshore holdings of 12 current and former heads of state. These are among the reported findings of a yearlong investigation by more than 100 media organizations.


Latin American Investigative Journalists Multiply Impact Through Collaboration

Latin American investigative journalists are collaborating in new ways to overcome obstacles such as fearful media owners, threats from drug traffickers, and crippling cyber-attacks, according to panelists at a recent International Center for Journalists event.