Disarming Disinformation: Capacity Building

This track is comprised of two initiatives: the Empowering the Truth Global Summit and the Training of Trainers.

Empowering the Truth is a global summit aiming to teach journalists and other key influencers how to use new reporting and storytelling techniques to build trust in factual news and make vulnerable communities resilient against disinformation. 

The goal is to invest in innovative ideas focused on making verified information spread faster than disinformation. This initiative gives thousands of journalists worldwide the chance to join the online Empowering the Truth Global Summit to learn from top journalists and apply for grants to make their innovative ideas come to life.

The first Empowering the Truth Global Summit was held in March 2023, with 36 sessions and over 1,800 attendees from around the world. The next edition is planned to be held in March 2024. Stay tuned and register here to receive updates.

The other goal of this track is to create a cadre of skilled trainers. Through the Training of Trainers initiative, participants get to attend online and in-person workshops, designed to equip journalism professionals with the right set of skills -- and grant funding -- that will prepare them to then lead their own disinformation training sessions, workshops and events. 

We held the first online workshop of this initiative in August 2023, having received more than 1,400 registrations. Trainers from this cohort will be trained and run their own trainings in 2024, when we expect to have the next edition of the online course. Register here if you want to receive all news from the program.


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In the meantime, you can get tips, lessons learned and how-to guides by looking at all the resources that are being produced through the Disarming Disinformation program.