Disarming Disinformation: Investigate

Journalists, social media strategists, developers and other professionals who want to investigate and report about disinformation can choose from two special trails within the Disarming Disinformation program.
The Cross-Border Reporting Trail, only open to participants in the Americas, will support experienced professionals who want to build collaborative investigations with colleagues or organizations from other countries in the region. To reach this goal, they will receive online and in-person trainings, participate in an investigathon, and have an opportunity to apply for grants.

Besides the Scripps Howard Foundation, who funds the whole Disarming Disinformation Program, from 2022 to 2025, this trail has also the support of Instituto Serrapilheira, who in 2022-2023 is funding Brazilian journalists that want to investigate about scientific disinformation. 

The Viral Content Trail covers all regions of the program. It intends to invest in innovative ideas on how to make verified information spread faster than disinformation. This trail will give thousands of journalists all over the world the chance to join an online anti-disinformation festival, learn from top journalists and apply for grants to make their innovative ideas come to life.

In addition to these two trails, professionals will also have access to tips, lessons learned and how-to guides that will be developed throughout the program. Explore existing resources


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Senior Program Director

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Deputy Vice President, Global Research

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Program Manager

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MEL Specialist Consultant

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Finance and Logistics Assistant

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