Disarming Disinformation: Research

This track aims to conduct action-oriented research and produce case studies on solutions showing success in combating mis/disinformation worldwide. We also aim to ensure that these solutions are shared with and implemented by as many stakeholders as possible.

Led by ICFJ’s Global Director of Research Dr. Julie Posetti, this track also has valuable contributions from faculty members from Arizona State University and the University of Maryland.

The research is taking place in five countries: Georgia, the Philippines, South Africa, Brazil and the U.S. Through this work, we will surface new, practical recommendations for journalists, newsroom managers, media funders and other professionals in the journalism field.

In addition, through our International Journalists’ Network (IJNet), Disarming Disinformation produces and shares resources including how-to guides, case studies on the solutions revealed by the research, and lessons learned from the other tracks. These resources, produced in collaboration with partners such as the Howard Centers, provide practical guidance for journalists and journalism schools on combating mis/disinformation. You can explore existing resources here.


Receive More Information

More research opportunities will open soon. In the meantime, you can get tips, lessons learned and how-to guides by looking at all the resources that are being produced through the Disarming Disinformation program.