How to Help Journalists Go Global: IJNet Experience

There's an endless amount of topics to cover with journalism nowadays, especially when it comes to cross-border collaborations. IJNet helps journalists from around the world develop throughout their careers through resources ranging from indispensable professional knowledge to the latest innovations and opportunities.

Tsinghua University Business Journalism Students Meet with Board of East-West Institute

Board members of the East-West Institute were dazzled by students and alumni of the Global Business Journalism program during a breakfast meeting in Beijing on Friday, May 17.

Tools From SXSW That Could Improve Access to News and Information

For the past two years, I’ve gone to South By Southwest’s (SXSW) Interactive Festival in search of ideas and tools to bring to journalism.

Students Tell CEOs Why to Hire Them

Students in Professor Lee Miller's Corporate Strategies class pitched their talents to corporate CEOs in the final project of the semester.

The New Yorker's Evan Osnos gives writing tips to Tsinghua University journalism students

Evan Osnos addressed Tsingua University journalism students on October 24th in Beijing. He gave insider tips on writing the long features and profiles that are typical of The New Yorker's style.

Digital Map to Track Corruption Launches in Colombia

A digital mapping tool to track corruption in Colombia on a national scale launched July 24, a result of our partnership with the Consejo de Redacción, a country-wide organization of investigative journalists.

Knight Fellow Advances Media Sustainability in Liberia

Liberia is taking steps towards greater press freedom through media sustainability, according to Knight International Journalism Fellow Luisa Handem Piette. Recent improvements in legislation encourage free reporting, but bolstering media sustainability remains pivotal. Piette, with support from UNESCO and ICFJ, brings together media owners and journalists in monthly exchanges to formulate plans for increased private investment in Liberian media, with promising results.

Behind the Numbers: Reporter Puts a “Face” on TB in Ethiopia

Reporting on tuberculosis (TB) has always been of particular interest to Tesfamichael Afework, one of the press officers at the Federal Ministry of Health in Ethiopia. He has done several stories about TB in the past, but not like this one. He is now compiling a story on the results of a nationwide population-based “TB Prevalence Survey” that aims to determine just how widespread the disease has been here in Ethiopia.

New Mashable Platform to Showcase Content From the International Journalists’ Network

The International Journalists’ Network (IJNet) will reach more users than ever through a new venture with Mashable, a leading source for digital news and culture. IJNet is a launch partner in the new Mashable Publisher Platform, which will bring the best content from select publishers directly to Mashable’s community.