Daniel Nardin

Supporting stories about the Amazon by Amazonians

For Daniel Nardin, the Amazon is more than a place to call home. As a journalist from the Brazilian state of Pará, he has built a career drawing attention to the Amazon and the people who are protecting it. 

In 2023, he launched Amazônia Vox to create a network of Amazonian journalists, offering free training for local journalists, including Indigenous reporters, and producing solution-focused content. The project amplifies local voices, generates opportunities for reporters in the region, and showcases local responses to environmental challenges in the Brazilian Amazon. Amazônia Vox is dedicated to providing reliable information about the region with its Knowledge Source Bank, stories and images about the richness and diversity of the Amazon told from within the Amazon. 

Through the ICFJ Knight Fellowship, Nardin will focus on four areas: building the English version of the tools and content of the Amazônia Vox platform, expanding its audience, and increasing collaboration between local journalists and international media organizations. Nardin will also work on increasing training opportunities for journalists in the Amazon, which is especially important since Belém, where he lives and works, will host the 2025 UN Climate Change Conference, (COP 30) in November 2025. Nardin will also develop an image bank of photographers and filmmakers from the Amazon, generating income and opportunities for local professionals while also supporting stories about the Amazon by Amazonians.

Nardin has held reporting roles in the local press, served as the Pará State Secretary of Communications, and led media outlet Grupo Liberal as director of journalism and content. In 2022, he and his team at Grupo Liberal won two grants through ICFJ – one from the Meta-supported program, Accelerating the Digital Transformation, and the other from Jogo Limpo, funded by YouTube.