Elevate eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria

  • Applicants can be from any country (this is a global program)
  • Small or medium-sized media outlets only 
  • Applicants must have C-level positions and be fully dedicated to the initiative
  • Media outlets must be officially active for at least two years 
  • Media outlets must have at least two people on staff (C-level + 1) 
  • Media outlets must have at least one active revenue stream
  • Applicants must be 100% focused on finding ways to turn their media outlet into a sustainable initiative 
  • The problem the media outlet is struggling with must be related to one of the 4 areas Elevate is dedicated to solving. (Please note that no content-related problem will be addressed in this program) 
  • Applicants must be ready to commit to a nine-month program and dedicate up to two hours per week to it in the first four months (May-Aug) + one hour per week in the last three months (Oct-Dec)
  • Applicants must be fluent in English (spoken and written)


Who should participate?

Elevate is right for you if:

  • You are an executive in a small or medium-sized media outlet (C-level) and fully dedicated to it
  • Your media outlet has been active for at least two years and has at least two people on staff
  • Your media outlet has at least one active revenue streamline
  • You are 100% focused on finding ways to turn your media outlet into a sustainable initiative
  • You can easily point out at least one business problem your outlet faces today
  • You are ready to commit to a nine-month program and dedicate up to two hours per week to it in the first four months and one hour per week in the last three months


Elevate is perfect for you if you have fulfilled the previous definitions and if…

  • You feel overloaded with business decisions and are struggling to delegate
  • You have lost opportunities because you just didn’t have certain business skills
  • Your competition has stolen your great idea and is thriving or you can’t keep up with your competition
  • You’ve lost staff because your outlet doesn’t have a clear career policy or your salaries/benefits are poor
  • You’re being publicly recognized (for good or bad) and don’t have a plan to handle it or profit from it
  • You never thought you needed a legal team, but now you wish you had one
  • You aren’t sure about your branding, your logo
  • You learned that you are not charging enough for your products
  • You feel you aren’t good in negotiations
  • You are analyzing the odds of adding a new partner, a venture fund, or might be thinking of selling your brand/company/initiative
  • You know how important it is to gather and track data to inform your decisions, but are not sure how best to do it