Elevate FAQs


Is Elevate an in-person or virtual program?

Elevate was planned to be fully offered online, as a virtual program.


Are there any costs to participate in Elevate?

There are no costs to apply or participate in the program. All ICFJ wants is your commitment to having up to four hours a week to dedicate to Elevate - and we will keep track of your engagement!

What are the targeted countries in this program?

The program is open globally, and your business can be from any country. You must be fluent in English.

What kind of news business has a higher chance of being selected?

Any small or medium-sized news business can be selected. 

What level of English proficiency is required?

Participants should have very strong English reading, writing and speaking skills. The application should be filled out in English, and the selection interviews, made by a specialist weeks after you submit your application, will also be conducted in English. For more eligibility requirements, see below.

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What are the requirements to participate in Elevate?

  • Applicants can be from any country (this program is global)
  • Small or medium-sized media outlets
  • Applicants must have C-level positions and be fully dedicated to the initiative
  • Media outlets must be officially active for at least two years 
  • Media outlets must have at least two people on staff (C-level + 1) 
  • Media outlets must have at least one active revenue stream
  • Applicants must be 100% focused on finding ways to turn their media outlet into a sustainable initiative 
  • The problem the media outlet is struggling with must be related to one of the 4 areas Elevate is dedicated to solving. (Please note: No content-related problem will be addressed in this program)
  • Applicants must be ready to commit to a 9-month program and dedicate up to two hours per week to it in the first 4 months (May-Aug) and one hour per week in the last three months (Oct-Dec)
  • Applicants must be fluent in English 

How much time should the participant dedicate to this program?

During the School phase (May-Aug), participants are expected to participate in one session each week. Each session will be two hours long. So in the first part of the program, ICFJ requires a two hours per week commitment.

During the mentorship phase (Oct-Dec), participants will meet with their mentors every week for about one hour.

How many staffers from a single organization can participate in Elevate?

Up to two. The program was planned to involve two professionals that currently occupy C-level positions.