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Haiti: Track Aid Funds to Ensure a Strong Recovery

Haitian journalists work in a makeshift newsroom at Le Nouvelliste. Their old building was destroyed in the January 2010 earthquake.

Knight International Journalism Fellow Klarreich established an investigative team at Le Nouvelliste, Haiti’s leading newspaper, which regularly produces stories on the misuse of aid sent to Haiti after the catastrophic January 2010 earthquake. The team broke stories about a land dispute that stopped work at a critically important sanitation plant near a refugee camp. After reading these reports, Haitian President Michel Joseph Martelly intervened and construction resumed.

Klarreich expanded her work to provincial cities, where she held workshops on investigative journalism. She also formed a Haiti-wide network of 75 investigative reporters, connecting the rural reporters to their colleagues in the capital. Given her successes, the National Association of Haitian Media and International Media Support (IMS) worked with Klarreich to launch an investigative reporting fund. A panel of Haitian journalists selected six projects from the 15 submissions. The winners received funding for their expenses and an honorarium. The goal is to hold an annual competition to promote investigative journalism in Haiti. Trocaire, an Irish NGO, provides support for the Fund.

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  • A group of student filmmakers in Haiti worked with Knight International Fellow Kathie Klarreich to document the views of residents forced to evacuate the property they've been squatting on for several years.