Knight International Journalism Fellowships

India: Improving News Technologies and Access to Information

Knight International Journalism Fellow Nasr ul Hadi works with media organizations in India to develop and expand the use of news technologies and improve access to quality information in the region.

Hadi will help English- and Hindi-language newsrooms in India adopt a “digital supply chain” to integrate technology into all stages of news production – from collecting, verifying and analyzing data and other information to packaging, distribution and audience engagement. Through this project, Hadi will help his primary partner, the Hindustan Times, to attract new audiences and take advantage of new market opportunities. That model will be replicable at other news organizations. He is also building and strengthening media networks in India to establish closer ties and collaborations between journalists and technologists in that region.


  • Feb 122015

    How Knight Fellow Nasr ul Hadi is Transforming Newsrooms in India

    Knight International Journalism Fellow Nasr ul Hadi has worn a lot of hats throughout his journalism career.

    He’s been a copy editor, tried every medium from broadcast to print to online and even taught the next class of journalists as a professor. Throughout his career, Hadi has worked with the editorial and business sides of news production and alongside interns, reporters, editors and upper management.

    His wide-ranging knowledge of media will help him face his next challenge.