Financial Sustainability

We help independent news thrive.

ICFJ is helping news organizations develop new business strategies and diversify revenue – ensuring that independent news sources survive in a time of unprecedented economic challenges.

Program Dates

Unlocking the Economic Potential of Digital Media

The Professional Fellows program is open for professional and citizen journalists, media business managers, digital media entrepreneurs and technologists from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The accepted fellows will be asked to create media business models that harness the power of digital tools to generate sustainable new revenue. They will be matched with expert U.S.

Supporting Beirut: Response and Recovery Fund

In partnership with the Facebook Journalism Project, ICFJ will administer a new program to support the stabilization and recovery needs of journalists and news organizations in Lebanon affected by the Beirut explosion on August 4, 2020. This initiative will assist in getting local news outlets that suffered damage to infrastructure