Meet the Border Hub Partners

Meet our partners:


The Border Center for Journalists and Bloggers (BCJB) is a nonprofit organization based in South Texas dedicated to improving quality journalism, promoting safer practices, and boosting innovation and cooperation across borders. As the main partner in this program, BCJB is cementing its “Border Hub”, a network of investigative journalists working on the U.S.-Mexico border to investigate corruption. BCJB provides online and in-person training and mentorship to new generations of investigative journalists along the border, while also increasing their use of advanced technology, digital tools, and risk reduction strategies. 

Iniciativa Sinaloa

Iniciativa Sinaloa is a civil society organization aimed at using professional, impartial and independent research to influence public policies around transparency, accountability and corruption in Mexico. Through this project, Iniciativa Sinaloa organizes panel discussions and drafts policy research papers, with the goal of improving the quality of democracy nationwide.


Under its component of the Border Hub project, known as “SembraMex”, SembraMedia provides guidance to US-Mexico border media outlets on improving their financial sustainability. As a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the diversity of voices and quality of content for Spanish-language news outlets, SembraMedia will offer hands-on assistance to 10 border-based outlets. 
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