The Douglas Tweedale Memorial Fellowship

We are not currently accepting applicants


Over the years, the Douglas Tweedale Memorial Fellowship has helped Latin American journalists improve their investigative reporting skills, either generally or in a specialty reporting area such as immigration, environment, science and technology or business, through a two-week long program.

For this year's fellowship, ICFJ is partnering with the Self-Investigation to provide an online course focused on mental health, stress management and digital wellbeing.

This course will help you better manage your stress, improve your relationship with technology and increase your resiliency. Making these positive changes in your daily life will also make you a better manager and newsroom leader.

You can learn more about the course here.

About the Fellowship

The fellowship program runs every other year. Fellows will meet weekly via Zoom and sessions will last one our, though inaugural and concluding sessions will last 1.5 hours. Some fellows will have the option of receiving personal coaching sessions during the course.


Apply to the Fellowship

This fellowship is designed for Latin American newsroom managers who are fluent in Spanish, and who are working at a news organization in the region. On a case by case basis, Latin American journalists residing in Spain and working on Latin American issues will be considered. Spanish journalists residing in Spain and working on Latin American issues may also be considered. Past Tweedale Fellowship recipients are strongly encouraged to apply.


To be considered, candidates should:

  • Be managers working at independent news organizations, including print, radio, television or online media in Latin America who have an interest in improving their management skills;
  • Have a demonstrated commitment to excellence in journalism;
  • Have a desire to develop strong professional skills and a self-starting attitude;
  • Outline why they want to participate in this course and what they hope to get out of it.