Safety Reporting Fellowships

Through the Road Safety Fellowships, 53 fellows improved their understanding of injury prevention and interacted directly with global experts while also working directly with veteran journalists as they developed their stories. The fellows gained skills in identifying data, creating data-driven reports and developing data visualizations and graphics to engage audiences.


  • Road Safety Fellows, 2015, Brazil : Fellows reported at least 84 stories on road-safety issues that were published or broadcast before, during and after the conference. 
  • Safety Fellows, 2016, Finland: The fellows have produced 70 stories focusing on road safety and injury prevention. Nearly 90 percent of the fellows have shared WHO’s digital resources, and other tools they discovered through the program, with their newsrooms.  
  • Road Safety Fellows , 2016, Sri Lanka: At least 14 of the fellows published stories on vehicle safety and other dangers of poor driving. Most fellows reported a marked improvement in their knowledge of and skill in using data for road safety reports.  

About the fellowship: 

From 2015 - 2016, in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO), the

Safety Fellows
Participants from the 2015 Road Safety Reporting Fellowship at the 2nd Global High Level Conference on Road Safety.

International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) organized three workshops focused on improving coverage of safety issues around the globe. ICFJ recruited three groups of fellows to attend training workshops and global conferences that covered road safety and other areas in the field of injury prevention. The programs brought journalists from around the world to develop stories on the often under-reported topics of road safety and injury prevention through lessons learn from the workshops and conferences. These programs were funded by WHO.

The first workshop took place in November 2015 in Brazil and exposed 25 participants from 25 countries to cutting-edge tools and world-class experts to help with reporting on road safety. The fellows the opportunity to attend and cover the Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety. In September 2016, ICFJ brought 14 fellows from across the globe to Finland for a workshop on safety and injury prevention that also aimed to deepen their data skills. The fellows also attended and covered the the 12th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion in Finland. Finally, in December 2016, ICFJ and WHO convened 14 journalists from Southeast Asia in Sri Lanka for a two-day workshop focused on learning more about road-safety in the region and honing their digital skills to enhance their road-safety coverage.  

For the Safety fellowships, participants from over 25 countries that included Kenya, Ukraine, El Salvador, Indonesia and Australia were selected based on their backgrounds and demonstrated interest in the subject.

ICFJ designed workshops that included panel discussions on the global and country-specific road-safety information, and trainings on how to use data and other resources to develop stories on injury prevention and safety. The participants had the opportunity to interact with leading global experts, gain advanced digital and storytelling skills, and join a network of media professionals who report on safety and injury prevention. 

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