Early Childhood Development Reporting Fellowship FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the program's duration and period?

The fellowship is a year-long commitment, which will start in March 2018.

Is there a schedule available?

The year-long fellowship will include up to eight virtual webinars (lasting about an hour each) and two international reporting trips. The first trip will take place around May 2018. Exact dates and the destination of the second trip are to be determined.

Are there any trips included? To where?

There are two reporting trips as part of this fellowship. Destinations are to be determined but each trip will be to a country where early childhood development  policies and programs are being implemented successfully. All fellows plus their mentors and ICFJ staff will travel together. Each trip will last up to ten days.

Who sponsors the travel expenses?

ICFJ covers all travel expenses, including visa fees, flights, hotels and local transportation.

How many webinars do I have to participate in?

We ask all fellows to participate in every webinar (about eight during the year-long fellowship). The webinars are recorded so that fellows can view them later if they are not able to watch them live.

How long does each webinar last?

Each webinar lasts for 60 to 90 minutes.

What is the agenda for the webinars?

Each webinar is led by an expert on a specific early childhood development issue. The expert gives a brief presentation, then participates in a Q&A with the fellows for about 30 minutes. Fellows can send their questions in advance or ask them live during the webinar.



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