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ICFJ's research arm explores the challenges and opportunities facing the news media today. Our goal is to help find solutions that advance independent and trustworthy public-interest journalism.

Our research sparks thoughtful debate on critical issues facing the profession , and provides evidence-based insights for newsroom leaders, technology companies, journalism donors and all those committed to strengthening free and vibrant news media around the world.

At ICFJ, we have the unique ability to survey our vast global network of journalists and newsrooms in multiple languages and to identify emerging trends, challenges and threats that affect the future of our field, and inform responses to them. 

Our ‘Participatory Action Research’ model means we focus on collaborative approaches to understanding issues and knowledge sharing with the aim of strengthening journalism and supporting journalists. Meanwhile, our partnerships with leading centers of journalism research in the U.S. and the UK strengthen and deepen our thought leadership capabilities.

ICFJ's research arm is led by Julie Posetti, PhD, whose work focuses on  journalism viability/sustainability, innovation and digital transformation, media freedom and the safety of journalists, media and gender, social media and disinformation. Her work draws on an international career spanning three decades as a journalist, journalism educator and researcher.



Latest News

UNESCO-ICFJ Study Focuses Global Attention on Online Violence Against Women Journalists

May 13, 2021

Our new research is drawing much-needed attention to the escalating scourge of online violence against women journalists, as major news outlets across the world report on the findings, and women journalists share details of the abuse they face. ICFJ conducted the study, which was commissioned and published by UNESCO.

How Disinformation and Hate Fuel Online Attacks Against Women Journalists

April 29, 2021

Vicious online violence that seeks to silence women journalists and discredit their reporting is a growing problem – and one that is often tied to orchestrated disinformation campaigns, new research shows. Because of their race, sexual orientation and religion, some women face even more frequent and vitriolic attacks.

Washington Post Cites ICFJ Report in Denouncing “Onslaught of Online Harassment” Against Maria Ressa

March 15, 2021

The Washington Post editorial board has called the online assault against Filipino-American journalist Maria Ressa “a worldwide warning,” citing a new report from the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) that revealed the intensity and ferocity of online violence directed against her.

Fighting an Onslaught of Online Violence

March 8, 2021

ICFJ’s latest research out today analyzes the intensity and ferocity of online violence against one of the world’s best journalists, Maria Ressa in the Philippines. The report, published this International Women’s Day, seeks to combat a problem that is horrifyingly pervasive for women journalists the world over.

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