Join 600 media luminaries to celebrate a single powerful idea: Quality journalism makes a difference in the lives of people everywhere.

2017 Awards Dinner

Nearly 600 media leaders and luminaries gathered Nov. 9 at the International Center for Journalists’ annual Awards Dinner. We paid tribute to journalists who fearlessly shed light on the truth. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer was our outstanding master of ceremonies. Please check out our photo gallery.

Politico CEO Robert Allbritton opened the evening with a challenge to media owners to show the same resolve as their newsrooms when facing government pressure. “We must never allow threats or intimidation to impact the quality of our journalism, or the value of our brands,” he said. “Administrations come and go, but principles last forever.”

More highlights:

  • Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, known for tough but fair interviews of major figures in the news, said President Trump has engaged in a “direct, sustained assault on free press” but journalists should not respond with attacks of their own. “We are not players in the game. We are umpires,” said Wallace, who was honored with ICFJ’s Founders Award for Excellence in Journalism. Read more or watch his tribute video.

  • National Public Radio correspondent Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson, recognized for stellar reporting from Afghanistan, North Africa and the Middle East, urged U.S. news organizations to pay more attention to global events even though the trend is to do the opposite in the era of “America First.” She received ICFJ’s Excellence in International Reporting Award. Read more or watch her tribute video.

  • Intrepid journalists from Syria and Pakistan received ICFJ’s Knight International Journalism Award. Karam al-Masri, a Syrian photojournalist who brought the world heartbreaking images of the siege of Aleppo, said he felt despair and frustration at the violence that wracked his hometown but never thought of giving up his role as a truth teller. Read more or watch his tribute video.

  • Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, a journalist and filmmaker whose exposés have led to legislative protections for women and children in Pakistan, said she is inspired by the courage and determination of those who survive and tell their stories. Read more or read her remarks.

New Yorker cartoonist Liza Donnelly provided live coverage of the night’s event. Please check out her terrific drawings.

The awards ceremony demonstrated how ICFJ is empowering truth tellers in these challenging times. Thanks to everyone for supporting our work. We need your backing more than ever.