Past ICFJ Knight Fellows

Here is a selection of our recent ICFJ Knight Fellows.


Stephen Abbott Pugh

Africa: Designing Audience Engagement Strategies

Hannah Ajakaiye

Nigeria: Forging partnerships and strategies to spread truth

Babatunde Akpeji

Nigeria: Building a Citizen Journalist Network

Justin Arenstein

Africa: Driving News Innovation

Ravi Bajpai

India: Pioneering Interactive Data Storytelling

Meredith Beal

Sub-Saharan Africa: Developing New Business Models

Anubha Bhonsle

India: Strengthening gender coverage

Mariano Blejman

Argentina: Launching News Innovation Contests

Pedro Burgos

Brazil: Building Trust through Impact

Juan Manuel Casanueva

Mexico: Connecting Coders to Journalists

Shubhranshu Choudhary

India: Connecting Citizens Through Mobile

Sandra Crucianelli

Argentina: Strengthening Data Journalism Teams

Royden D'Souza

India: Pioneering immersive storytelling

Irshad Daftari

India: Enhancing Storytelling with Interactive Tools

Sunday Dare

Nigeria: Improving and Expanding Health Coverage

Neha Dixit

India: Transforming Gender Coverage

Siddhartha Dubey

India: Strengthening a Journalism School

Amr Eleraqi

Middle East/ North Africa: Driving data-generated storytelling
ICFJ Knight Fellow Adi Eyal

Adi Eyal

South Africa: Building Digital Tools for Newsrooms

Gustavo Faleiros

Brazil: Pioneering Data-Driven Geojournalism

Bruno Garcez

Brazil: Creating a Citizen Reporting Network

Javier Garza

Mexico: Strengthening Journalists' Digital Safety

Catherine Gicheru

Sub-Saharan Africa: Building Networks that Transform News Coverage

Christopher Guess

Bosnia: Reaching Audiences Through Mobile

Chani Guyot

Journalism that inspires the world – and helps change it

Rawan Jayousi

Middle East/ North Africa: Fostering independent media

Rachel Jones

Kenya: Improving and Expanding Health Coverage

Raymond Joseph

South Africa: Advancing Data Journalism

Meera K

India: Deepening Coverage of Development Issues

Antoine Laurent

Indonesia: Creating Compelling Interactive News
David Lemayian

David Lemayian

Africa: Building New Technologies for Storytelling

Friedrich Lindenberg

Africa: Building Tools for Investigations

Dada Lyndell

Eastern Europe: Promoting Open-Source Investigations
Rahma Mian

Rahma Mian

Pakistan: Connecting Journalists and Technologists

Omar Mohammed

Tanzania: Creating a Culture of Data Journalism
Declan Okpalaeke

Declan Okpalaeke

Nigeria: Networking Health Journalists Across Africa

Jacopo Ottaviani

Nigeria: Spreading Data Journalism
ICFJ Knight Fellow Ritvvij Parrikh

Ritvvij Parrikh

India: Developing Digital Tools for Newsrooms
Miguel Paz

Miguel Paz

Chile: Investigating Networks of Corruption

Shaheryar Popalzai

Pakistan: Harnessing Immersive Data-Driven Storytelling
Paul Radu

Paul Radu

Balkans: Tracking Cross-Border Corruption

Chris Roper

Africa: Spurring Better Audience Engagement

Mariana Santos

Latin America: Empowering Women as Digital Leaders

Ross Settles

Malaysia: Designing Citizen Journalism Business Models

Jorge Luis Sierra

Latin America: Improving Cyber Security

Sérgio Spagnuolo

Brazil: Developing tools to spread good science

Harry Surjadi

Indonesia: Connecting Citizens Through Mobile
Elsabet Samuel Tadesse

Elsabet Samuel Tadesse

Ethiopia: Building a Network of Health Journalists

Fabiola Torres

Latin America: Driving health news that fights misinformation

Nasr ul Hadi

India: Reinventing the Newsroom

H R Venkatesh

India: Pioneering Innovation for Health News

Janine Warner

Latin America: Supporting Independent Digital News
Joseph Mureithi

Joseph Warungu

Sub-Saharan Africa: Spurring Storytelling that Matters